High Quality Cost Effective
Aircraft Engineering Solutions.

We provide cost effective high quality engineering solutions( from concept to end product design
as per engineering standards from customer's dream of aircraft) for aerostructures. We have decades of hands on National and International Aircraft design and development experience in design of Helicopter, Aircraft and engine components. We have breadth and depth of competency in development of aerostructures as per customer specifications.

Skill Development

We provide high quality cost effective training solutions on Aerospace, Automobile, Civil, Software(IT) and Mechanical engineering domains. We have equipped with very top notch experts in the field of Aerospace, Automotive, Mechanical engineering know how who can provide with variety of domain and technical trainings for engineering community and engineering graduates. The objective is to fill up the gap between industry needs and academia standards on engineering skills.

Why we are

We make Creative Innovation For Engineering Communities.

In the present modern times, there are many softwares, e - technologies, communication channels available for our usage. Still during design and development of any engineering product, there involves lot of challenges ( technically ) due to complexity of requirements, customer specifications, technology know how, Skillsets, manufacturing constraints, Raw material constraints, geographical differences, lack of expertise, software know how , not familiar with product legacy knowledge, not much collaboration environment etc. This is applicable to any product industry. Apart from this our country depends upon importing products like Aircraft, automobile from other countries . Apart from the we are acute shortage of skilled and trained engineers to design and manufacture the high tech products like Aircraft, Automobile etc.

With the above constraints, it is very much difficult to design and manufacture high tech product like aircraft . Without working in collaboration environment and with only traditional approach, Products can not be produced with world class quality. This can lead to shift or deviate from getting first time Right. With all this, there is a possibility that overall carbon foot print be increased and lead to impact the society.

To overcome this, We need to design and develop the products ( engineering or other) with optimum design. This can be done with building the legacy product knowledge and skill development in engineers by Training. We need to find optimum solutions by applied rational thinking to achieve First Time Right and simulate the real product physics with information Technology @innovation. This can lead to get cost effective products, reduction in design cycle time, First Time Right, more life and hence less carbon foot print.

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Our Expertise Works

We at Sarathsri E - Technologies have expertise in providing high quality cost effective engineering solutions in design and development of Aerospace, Automobile, civil, software(IT) and Mechanical engineering products.

Sarathsri Advanced Skills Training & Research Academy (SASTRA)

Sastra is a initiative taken by SARATHSRI E - Technologies to build skills for continues professional development to the needs of Aerospace, Automobile, civil, software(IT) and Mechanical industries.

A highly competent eminent team focuses mainly on providing the various technical and non technical trainings to engineers. SASTRA offers various Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training programs for engineers of SARATHSRI.

SASTRA offers an excellent CPD training programs for aero and mechanical engineering community, corporate sectors and fresh engineers in INDIA.

Specialities :

Comprises of engineers from various organizations with expertise in aerospace, mechanical background and some of them are chartered engineers with internationally reputed personalities.

Engineering staff at Sarathsri E - Technologies are with decades of hands on experience in Aerospace and Automobile, civil, software(IT) industry. We provide mainly in the area of engineering the following trainings to engineering community, practising engineers and engineering graduates. We specialise in designing and presenting technical training courses not only for modern transport Aircraft, Automobile but also in engineering softwares.

We offer Domain Training and Technical Training

Domain Training
Technical Training
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Aero Space

Automobile & Mechanical

Mechanical Design

Parts Of Training

1. Corporate Training
2. Professional Training
3. Academic Training

Professional Proficience Training (Profit) Program:

SARATHSRI E - Technologies is supported by a team of qualified industry experts and International charted engineers with broader experience in aerospace, automotive, software and other industries.

One of the long term challenges that our country facing is the non-availability of trained engineers and technologists to design and develop civil aircraft, civil rotorcraft, gas turbines and mechanical engineering products. There is an acute shortage of trained manpower primarily in the field of Aerospace domain. When engineers get out of college into a new environment of industry involving a lot of systems, structures, technologies, tools which is totally new to engineers. These are required to them to face the industry challenges professionally. It is quite often the case that they struggle to get a fair bit of understanding of it quite quickly to enable them to understand with better clarity, lesser questions and ambiguities. This is because, the information required though is available, is spread across various sources, not structured, not available at a central location etc and it is difficult to access.

The scattered information at present makes it difficult for the engineer to get himself quickly up to speed and understand efficiently. There helps SASTRA to cater for training on domain, technical skills and tools under one roof. SASTRA is a subsidiary part of Sarathsri E - Technologies INDIA. This emphasises the need to have such information readily available and enable each engineer to improve his own understanding and think independently. SASTRA offers trainings in the Aeronautical, Mechanical industry related domain and technologies.

Speciality at SASTRA is

1. Training based on national and international work experience.
2. Mentoring based on practical experience in industry.
3. Training by internationally professionally certified chartered and incorporated engineers.

Our Aim

Our objective and vision is to Make all Mechanical and Aero engineers in INDIA to be equipped with necessary and sufficient knowledge, skills and self confident to design and develop a reliable high tech cost effective product like Aircraft, Automobile etc as per MAKE IN INDIA Slogan.

To develop the young fresh engineers to skillfull engineers. Then what is skilful?

An skillfull engineer have ability to meet (Professional) life's situations. He can take challenging assignments in his own engineering field with minimal support. So an engineer, immediately after his study, need to design and develop some products/processes in his own field, so our training will help in that aspect. Training and mentoring is an important factor in increasing skill level in every domain and industry.

An Aeronautical or Mechanical engineer should be able to feel and say that yes he can design an Aircraft or component. An Automobile engineer. A car, a Mechanical engineer. Any Mechanical product either an Aircraft or Automobile or Machine, a Civil engineer a multi-storey building. The engineers coming out of the college know something about design but have not participated in any real-world design, development work.

Essentially engineering students at present generations are not getting exposed to -industrial-practical experience during their course work. The training programs at SASTRA are designed based on rich industrial experience and that will definitely bridge the gap between industry expectations and academics knowledge this training will enable engineers to get equipped with technical skills and help them to get employed and performing their roles confidently in the companies..

Our training program will be highly practical oriented. Our plan is to mentor the students/engineers to design and size the Aero structures. This can be applicable to any mechanical based design like Rotorcraft and Aircraft etc. Students are taught the basics of familiarization of complete Aircraft systems and their functions. This is required because many of engineers work either in stress or design offices. This is required because many of engineers work either in stress /design office / software / manufacturing and others. But many of them may not get a chance to get exposed the individual desciplines of aircraft like Structures , Electrical , Fly by wire, FADEC, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Fuel system and maintenance. Our training will also help to get exposed to various subsystems based on our experience with figures and facts. This helps to understand the importance of each system functionality and how it plays crucial role in the course of Aircraft and Rotorcraft flights.

This training will give a basic overview on Aerostructure design principles that will enable them to pass out in flying colors in their life's examination in any Aerospace engineering services company. Similar approach will be followed for the training in other domain industries like Automobile and Mechanical industries at SASTRA.

Student Academic Project (SAP)

Guidance and mentoring will be given to final year student project works some of topics covered for academic projects are:

  • 1. Aero structures (Aircraft / Rotorcraft ) component Design.
  • 2. Usage of FEM and application of engineering softwares. Project can be done on usage of FEM and its application to various industries like Aerospace, Automobile and other Mechanical industries.
  • 3. Strength of stiffened panels of airframe under complex load.
  • 4. Fatigue life to crack initiation in a typical aircraf`t structure.
  • 5. Composite principles. Application of composites to Aerospace, Automobile and other industries.
  • 6. Practical aspects of stress analysis.

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Sarathsri E Technology Started by Group of Eminent Chartered Engineers Backed Up with decades of Engineering Experience in Aerospace, Automobile, Mechanical & other Engineering desciplines. These Engineers are certified by International Mechanical Engineers and Aeronautical Societies. Main Objective is to Provide Cost Effective Quality Engineering Solutions in Aerospace and Automobile, General Engineering Industry.


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