Why we are

We make Creative Innovation For Engineering Communities.

In the present modern times, there are many softwares, e - technologies, communication channels available for our usage. Still during design and development of any engineering product, there involves lot of challenges ( technically ) due to complexity of requirements, customer specifications, technology know how, Skillsets, manufacturing constraints, Raw material constraints, geographical differences, lack of expertise, software know how , not familiar with product legacy knowledge, not much collaboration environment etc. This is applicable to any product industry. Apart from this our country depends upon importing products like Aircraft, automobile from other countries . Apart from the we are acute shortage of skilled and trained engineers to design and manufacture the high tech products like Aircraft, Automobile etc.

With the above constraints, it is very much difficult to design and manufacture high tech product like aircraft . Without working in collaboration environment and with only traditional approach, Products can not be produced with world class quality. This can lead to shift or deviate from getting first time Right. With all this, there is a possibility that overall carbon foot print be increased and lead to impact the society.

To overcome this, We need to design and develop the products ( engineering or other) with optimum design. This can be done with building the legacy product knowledge and skill development in engineers by Training. We need to find optimum solutions by applied rational thinking to achieve First Time Right and simulate the real product physics with information Technology @innovation. This can lead to get cost effective products, reduction in design cycle time, First Time Right, more life and hence less carbon foot print.

To do that, We provide product engineering Solutions(/ consulting for engineering challenges) @ Applying Rational Thoughts, Skills & Relevant ( Right ) to Industries of Engineering, TECHNOLOGIES in collaborative environment. Hence the name can be written as SARATHSRI E- TECHNOLOGIES. Hence SARATHSRI E TECHNOLOGIES was born with broader vision.

More and more companies are interested to outsource engineering services to India to utilize her vast and in expensive pool of qualified and skilled engineers as a part of Global Delivery Model (GDM) to various geographic locations. These companies can thus fuel their own focused growth by becoming more competitive and taking on more work.

SARATHSRI is a frame work which was invented up by SARATHSRI E – Technologies. This company was set up by qualified professionals with considerable strong experience in the engineering product design and manufacturing field from aerospace, automotive, civil engineering industries. Additionally, we have strong working relationships with experts from a variety of engineering related fields and this capacity like consultants, chartered engineers, and Subject matter,knowledge experts and combined with our own vast domain experience. So Mentoring and Training by SARATHSRI team – SASTRA for working engineers/ graduates/ Students in engineering on Skill & proficiency development will improve the competency standard of engineering community and improve the quality (First Time Right) of respective projects. This can benefit both INDIA and global companies on the projects and products with superior quality.

Our engineering services range from whole gamut of works like engineering solutions, product development support ( design and manufacturing ), project management, Engineering Process improvement , consulting, Training, Professional development in engineering industry.

About Us

We, Sarathsri E - Technologies are global engineering services company which is based in Bangalore. We, SARATHSRI E - Technologies, are engineering services company originated to provide cost effective solutions and skills to industry to get First Time Right. SARATHSRI E - Technologies, originated from SARATHSRI approach is started by group of industry experts and supported by internationally qualified and certified professionals.

Sarathsri provides dedicated system engineering design and technical analysis services to Aerospace, Automotive, Civil, Mechanical and Software (IT) Industries. It covers the complete cycle of activities including drawing up requirements and specifications, preliminary and detail design, engineering simulation to validation.

Services and solutions from Sarathsri are innovative to automate processes; costs optimized and also are enabled to quick execution and rapid project delivery. Guiding principles behind quality policy are People with skill and knowledge, process, values based on ethics & culture.

Team of domain experts, competent technocrats and high skilled engineering staff.

We bring value in terms of cost effective solutions, continuous support and delightness to customer at every step of business.

We provide highly effective training to engineering community in Mechanical engineering related industry(Aerospace and Automobile) to enhance the skills.

What We Do

This is the place where engineering ideas are generated and turned into high class engineering products at customer make. Sarathsri E - Technologies engineers provide a platform to turn complex engineering challenges into fruitful solutions. Sarathsri E - Technologies will also offer excellent engineering training & education to engineering community & fresh graduates/college students to develop competency and skills.


Sarathsri to be a strategic extended design and engineering services centre of excellence to provide cost-effective solutions to delight the customers globally. Sarathsri provides world class training and mentoring to engineers to develop skill sets. We put thrust on continual improvement, Practice rigour and precision and reap satisfaction to all stakeholders.


Sarathsri provides cost effective quality engineering services, offers the best training to develop required skills for the engineering sector, and develops softwares and processes inorder to support the design, manufacture, test and build the high technology products like Aircraft, Automobile, Civil, Software... etc globally. We work in collaboratory team environment, put thrust on continual improvement, practice rigour and precision and reap satisfaction to all stakeholders.