For last few centuries and over a period of time, industries and societies have faced out the lot of challenges in terms of products/technology need, product development, technology development and civilization. Industry has come up every time with solutions to these challenges by applying the Thinking ( Ideas, concepts, processes, methods etc ), skills ( subjects, engineering, IT, Technology, Training etc) and Resources (Man, machine, Material, infrastructures, computers, Time and Money) in industries. This has been done with continuous efforts for achieving good quality in the sphere of industrial operations in almost in every industry for challenges like product development and customer needs. However there are still remarks and feedback on getting rework and redesigning the components due to failures in service, not meeting customer expectations, pollution, global warming, in effective usage of resources & hence increased level of carbon foot print across many industries globally. Also there is a mismatch between industry pace across different parts of world and there by skill competency variation & also meeting customer expectations is a challenge in Global Delivery Model (GDM) era.

Creation of SOLUTIONS to challenges to product life cycle environment in any industry can be done by inculcationg and APPLYING more RATIONAL approach in THINKING and idea formulation from professionals, providing extensive SKILL development and mentoring to engineers/professionals and adding RIGHT Process at every part of resource selection in INDUSTRIES. This enables in defining an unique frame work which addresses and brings together the importance of every part. This brings together the APPLICATION of RATIONAL THINKING, SKILLS, RELEVANT ( Right Resources .. etc ) in INDUSTRIES into single plat form . This enables and motivates to get good quality, First Time Right.

This framework captures entire world industries approach for the development of products and services into single frame work. This approach takes into account even the Building Information Modelling(BIM) and Virtual simulations like design, analysis, manufacturing and testing phases of product life cycle industry. With this framework, the objective is product development from concept, designing to manufacturing stages to produce and deliver the product to the customer.

The frame work is SOLUTIONS @ APPLYING RATIONAL THOUGHTS, SKILLS & Relevant in INDUSTRIES (SARATHSRI). This framework can be easily applicable to any industry to get first time right quality.
We are happy to announce the company SARHSRI E-Technologies and it is the short form derived from Solutions @Applying RAtional THinking, Skills & Right Resources in Industries of Engineering, TECHNOLOGIES.

SARATHSRI E - Technologies is a registered company in the industry and approved by Govt.

CIN :   U74900KA2015OPC082103

Location :   BANGALORE

Supporters and Mentors  :   Industry experts and internationally certified professionals

WWW.SARATHSRI.COM is a registered and approved website for SARATHSRI E - Technologies.

The broad explanation of SARATHSRI as follows.

  • Solutions means providing Consulting to industry challenges in product development and software and other industries and solving the theoretical and practical challenges in Industries.

  • Applying RAtional THoughts Means the application of processes, ideas, Theoretical and practical aspects, analytical and logical, facts , data etc generated from RAtional Thinking to Industries

  • Applying Skills means the application of Special knowledge, Subjects matters, domain , technical knowledge , softwares, theoretical and practical knowledge. This can be generated from education, training, Skill building and Mentoring etc to Industries

  • Applying Relevant in means the application of right elements which are required in providing Right solutions like Appropriate skill sets, Right skills & skilled resources, right resources like machine, material, time and Money, Rigour, quality , Right solutions to Industries

  • Industries means the whole gamut of industries like engineering to non engineering, Technologies, product development ( Design to manufacturing) stages, BIM, services, software, Agriculture, IT and others etc. The streamlined SARATHSRI process can be applicable to industries to get first time right

The benefits of this framework and concept has been discussed positively at international forums like seminars , webinars, by companies and in social media like youtube etc . Placed below the One of the youtube link which discussed about SARATHSRI approach in international webinar

Under the broad concept and frame work of SARATHSRI E- Technologies, engineering, non engineering and technology sectors can be included into this framework effectively.

SARATHSRI AEROSPACE : SARATHSRI framework is also applicable for aerospace in broader sence. This framework or process is used for development of cost effective & optimum solutions by Applying Rational Thinking and Skills at Right resources (Relevant) in/to Industries of Aerospace. Human Resources like fresh engineers/professionals from college or experienced personnel from industry become skilful workforce after taking appropriate training in theoretical & practical knowledge, Skills from academia and industries experts. Right resources ( relevant) also include skilful work force & other resources like machine, material, Time&Money, IT. Workforce ( engineers/professionals) do Rational Thinking, which is based on facts, logic and reasoning based approach and applying the specialized skills in providing solutions to challenges by utilizing the resources (like machine, material, Time &money, IT etc)optimally. The objective of this frame work is to deliver/produce the first time right quality product every time. This framework is applicable and can be easily implemented in design, manufacturing and other sectors of aerospace industry

Activities of AEROSPACE group from SARATSRI E-Technologies

A small professional group from industry who gives support to SARATHSRI Aerospace in terms of time freely for sharing knowledge under the initiative of corporate social responsibility and professional code of conduct

  1. SARATHSRI Aerospace group does skill build and mentoring programs to external industries by conducting extensive skill development programs like industry based skills training .

  2. SARATHSRI Aerospace conducts skill build and mentoring programs to fresh engineers/graduates by conducting workshops, vocational trainings, apprentice trainings, seminars and campus connect bridge skill programs between academia and industry.

  3. SARATHSRI aerospace group interacts with industry for offering cost effective solutions and consulting advice to complex projects. SARATHSRI group has potential to execute the full length projects execution.

Similarly SARATHSRI approach can be extended,and followed in other industries.

  • SARATHSRI Automotive

  • SARATHSRI Software

  • SARATHSRI Agritech

  • SARATHSRI Transportation